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Thursday, August 1, 2002

The Old Codger - August 02

The Old Codger was a series written by the publisher of the Foothill Sentinel and was usually an opinion piece written in the voice of an elderly complainer. I filled in for the Codger on several occasions.

The 5th of July, I was in two different parks. Let me tell ya, I was amazed at all them cans just laying about. 3 feet from a trash can, some of em were! My friend, he even seen a woman hiding a can in bushes with a trash bucket in throwin distance! Was that too fer to walk?? There was so many cans, why, I coulda got rich if I coulda bent over to pick ‘em up!

I noticed another thing in parks. Lots of folks just dump burning charcoal at the bottom of a tree. What if that tree catch on fire?? In case ya don’t know, it’s fire season. Make sure ya pour some water on the coals is out before ya dump em. O.K?

Parks are fer everbody! I don’t like havin to clean up somebody else’s mess when I go there. So, pick up afta youself, ya hear? I better not be findin’ a mess on the day after Labor Day!

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