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Monday, July 1, 2002

Dear Aunt Sister - July 02

When I wrote for the now defunct Foothill Sentinel, I was the ghost writer for the Dear Aunt Sister advice column. When writing the column, I channel my beloved aunt, born in 1913, known affectionately to her five brothers and all their offspring as "Sister." She handled everything with charm, fantastic wit and always a twinkle in her eye.

Dear Aunt Sister,
Recently I noticed that my husband has taken an interest in the way he looks. He has started lifting weights to 'tone up'. I ask him why he is suddenly so into his looks, he says that he is getting older and thought he would try to recapture a little of his youth. He has never given me a reason to doubt his love for me and he has always been attentive during all 25 years of marriage. However, he does stay later at the office than he used to and makes several trips -- some unnecessary -- to the stores. My question is, should I be suspicious? In the Dark in Shadow Hills.

Dear Dark,
I must admit that I too would be suspicious of your man’s new interest in his body and “work.” His behavior could be totally innocent – or not. You said that you trust him. But, trust need not be blind (or stupid for that matter!) I would check his cell phone bill. They usually itemize every call. This is a simple way of checking up on him without him knowing. If you find something, confront him. If not, start going to the gym with him and tone up yourself! That should keep his attentions directed toward home.

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